Sunday, 3 November 2019

DIY woven flower wreath

A little while ago I made a flower wreath with some friends. As a textile student I quickly started thinking about weaving my flowers and that's how I ended with this result.

I used:
  • flowers 
I used real ones but fake is also possible and will result in you enjoying your wreath for a longer time
  • yarn
I used acrylic yarn because my flowers were real and yarn such as cotton or wool can grow mold when wet - not a good combination when watering my flowers ;-) 
  • circle of wood or metal 
Your local crafting shop will have this.
  • scissors 

How to make it:

Start by making a warp by wrapping your yarn around the circle. You can now weave your flowers in! See the photograph as an example:

I didn't plan to make a blog post about this so I hope it's clear how I made this haha. 
Let me know if you decide to make one yourself! Good luck 


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