Thursday, 6 June 2019

Knitting work in progress #2

Although I am 1. studying for my exams and 2. already knitting a cardigan for myself, I am also knitting a sweater for a friend. I had knitted just a little but today I decided to continue.

I am making this sweater, called Tecumseh for my friend's birthday. I asked her what size she would need and the colours she wanted and quickly ordered the yarn while there was still a sale on Drops yarn. ;-)

I ordered DROPS Merino extra fine in 01 off white (9x), 04 medium grey (3x) and 30 mustard (2x), the colours are the same as the example from the pattern.

Today the friend I am making this sweater for came over and we studied for 'World History' together, while we talked (and I knitted) during our breaks. The exam is next Wednesday.
I never was the biggest fan of studying together but it has definitely helped me this exam season; what is your experience with this? I personally don't like studying in the library either but maybe that will change in the future as well...

I love how this pattern is much easier than the cardigan (this one) I am making + the yarn I'm using is great. Very soft and the colours are lovely. 

For now I will watch an episode of Outlander or some Youtube and knit for a bit, revise my Quizlet sets and make myself dinner.

Have a nice day!


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