Monday, 20 May 2019

Flowers for my balcony

My mum and I went to the flower market this Sunday.

The plan was to buy some flowers so I could put them on my small balcony with my still empty plant box. My mum often goes to the markets Sunday morning and it was lovely to go with her this time even though the weather wasn't too great.

There was even a small orchestra on the market (!) - now I want to learn to play the clarinet or saxophone. A piano or harp (the instruments I know how to play) aren't very easy to take with you everywhere...

I am really happy about the final result so I took some pictures to show you.
Tbh I have no idea what the names of the plants are but hey, they look nice!

The plant box is from Ferm, my mum sells them in her shop. (Huiszwaluw Home, here in Gent).
I love the colour pink it is in! A perfect fit for the flowers I chose. :)

Do you have flowers or plants in your garden / home?


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