Thursday, 30 May 2019

A trip to the coast

the moment before we saw a fox

My brother is 14 and sails in his 'Optimist'; a not very big sailboat. He practises almost every week and this time he had to go to Duinbergen. It is usually only my father who brings my brother to his destination but today my mother and I also went with them, so we could have a walk there.

After we dropped my brother off, my parents and I left to Retranchement. We did a walk of 10 km and saw a fox, many birds and cows with an interesting pattern on their back. 

The weather was of a special kind. Sometimes it was chilly, sometimes it was way too hot. 
I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

At the end of our walk we needed food (of course) so I got a pancake, my mother a 'tosti' and my father a 'broodje gezond'. To be honest, the restaurant we went to was quite special. Good food yet weird waiters... 

We went back to get my brother and stayed on the beach for around an hour before returning home.
It was a nice day!


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