Thursday, 9 May 2019

8 things to add to your journal #2

I made a post about things to add to your journal before but I came up with more ideas and wanted to share those as well. There might even be a part 3 if I forgot something in this list, haha.

My brother once made a lovely drawing of V from BTS and I put in my diary. I still like it a lot.
You can of course draw something yourself as well, maybe a building or landscape you saw when visiting a cool place?

Piece of yarn
I haven't done this yet but I'm planning on putting a piece of yarn in my journal. It's the one I'm using to knit my sweater. For every other project I will knit (and maybe crochet) I'll also do this.
If you're sewing something you can also put a bit or your fabric in your journal.

Adding a letter from a pen pal far away, a lover or perhaps a letter from you to your future self can be a nice extra. I currently have a letter to myself when I turn 20, I wrote it when I was 15 I believe.
I also have got letters from my pen pals that I sometimes put in my journal, it looks very nice.

From a restaurant, shop or elsewhere; I like to put receipts in my journal. Especially if the receipt was given in another country and written in another language! It's nice to be able to remember the items you once bought.

Especially in another country there are lots of sweets and cookies I don't know and I often put their wrappers in my journal. Some of them have lovely colour schemes... Of course the wrapper doesn't have to be from unhealthy stuff, the ones from 'normal' food are great as well.

That invitation to your friend's party? Put it in your journal! I love this because it contains all the information I would otherwise just write down in a not so special way.

I got this idea from my mum. She likes to dry flowers and then put them in her journals. It is not very difficult but it looks beautiful. I should this more often tbh.

What do you like to add to your journal? Leave a comment!


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