Friday, 26 April 2019

teaching myself to draw

I decided to grab the book about drawing I bought a while ago and try out some of the designs. Drawing is difficult (!) but I don't mind. I'm determined to practise a lot and am hopeful I will improve.

I made some flowers - using a pencil and watercolour. I'm kinda happy with how it looks. I will be drawing a lot of flowers the coming weeks, haha.

The photo above shows the book I was using as a guide. It's from Flow and looks very nice (as usual from Flow).

There was also a page about drawing cats I just had to try those as well! Recently I have started to want a cat - I was against the idea when my brothers tried persuading me but now I am totally in for a cat.

I used the wax pastels to colour the drawings. I love using them! 

As you can see there is still a lot of practise to do. If I continue drawing and hopefully improve I might look back at this blog post one day thinking at how difficult I found this.

Have a nice day~


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