Thursday, 25 April 2019

8 things to add to your journal

Although I haven't written in my journal for a while now, I do love journaling. I like to add some extra stuff to my journal so this blog post is all about that! Do comment below if I missed something you like to insert in yours. :D

This is probably one of the most easy things to collect and put in your journal. I have got tickets from the cinema, bus, museums, train and some events (such as FACTS here in Gent). 
Bonus points if the design of the tickets looks nice. 

Polaroid pictures
I love to take photos with my polaroid camera. You have a look at the scene you want to capture, press the button and your photograph is ready! I have the Fujifilm instax mini so my polaroid pictures are the perfect size for my journal, they are approximately 5,5cm x 8,5cm. 

News article
I mostly put photos from articles that mention Kpop in my journal (since that's quite rare and I'm always excited when it does happen) but you can also add articles about a nice event in your neighbourhood.

When I visited Rome I put the map I used in my journal at the end my trip. You can draw the routes you walked or the monuments, .. you visited. Or leave the map clean so you can use it if you ever visit the place again. 

Postcards you receive from friends or bought for yourself; they all look nice in a journal. I advise to put them in with a paperclip or washi tape so you can easily have a look at both sides. 

Coin / notes
I like to insert coins when they are not too heavy and/or big. You can insert coins from countries with a different currency or the fake ones you can sometimes buy at tourist places. (especially at cathedrals in France I have experienced, haha).
I personally haven't put notes in my journal yet since they are worth quite a lot in the countries I have visited. However it is an option! 

Not every photo you take can be taken by a polaroid camera so I also like to put photographs I made with my phone in my journal. I use the HP sprocket to print them but of course can also use your normal printer.

I sometimes add the tags of clothes when I really love the item I just bought. Sometimes a gift has a tag included as well (with the name of the receiver and giver) and I will glue those in my journal as well.


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